Complete Adult Dry Cat Food

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Crude Protein                                           28%

Moisture                                                   10%

Crude Fat                                                  12%

Crude Fibre                                               2.5%

Ash                                                             7%

Calcium                                                      1.3%

Phosphorus                                              0.8%

Linoleic acid                                             2%

Omega-6 to -3 Fatty acids ratio           6:10-1

Vitamin A                                                 12 000 IU/kg

Vitamin D3                                               1 000 IU/kg

Vitamin E                                                  75 IU/kg

Zinc                                                            100 mg/kg

Taurine                                                      0.1%


Cereals (min 10% rice), meat & animal derivatives (source of calcium, min 10% chicken), fish & fish derivatives (source of calcium & Omega-3 fatty acids, min 5%), vegetable protein extracts, fats & oils (source of omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids), palatability enhancer (source of meatier flavour), yeasts, vegetable fibres (source of prebiotics), minerals, vitamins, taurine and approved antioxidants


WHAT IS COMPLETE CAT? Complete Cat is SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED to provide you, the owner, with a tasty and balanced quality cat food that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure the overall health and condition of your cat. This product has been specifically formulated with Chicken, Fish and Rice, which are sources of high-quality protein and carbohydrate.

  • Real Chicken and Fish protein-rich to help support strong muscles
  • Omega 3 & 6 helps promote a healthy skin and shiny coat
  • A combination of whole grains, na-tural fibre and prebiotics to help your cat maintain a healthy intestinal tract
  • Balanced calcium and phosphorus to help keep bones and joints growing strong
  • Essential vitamins, minerals and important antioxidants help support the immune system
  • Vitamin A and Taurine is an essential amino acid that cats require to maintain heart and eye health
  • Natural flavour enhancers are added to improve palatability
  • Yeast used a source of B-complex vitamins, chromium and selenium.

Available in 3 and 7 kg