Complete Classique Dog Food Beef Flavoured

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Complete Classique is scientifically formulated to provide you, the owner, with a tasty and balanced quality dog food that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure the overall health and condition of your dog. This product has been specifically formulated with Beef, which is a source of high-quality protein and adds flavour to a diet This product has been specifically formulated with Beef, which is a source of high quality protein and adds flavour to a diet.

  • Real Beef protein helps support strong muscles
  • Omega 3 & 6 helps promote a radiant coat and healthy skin
  • Cooked cereal grains as wholesome digestible carbohydrate sources to help meet the energy requirement of dogs
  • Highly digestible so more nutrients go to work inside your dog
  • High quality fats and oils as a concentrated source of energy
  • Natural sources of glucosamine help support healthy joints
  • Essential vitamins, minerals and important antioxidants help support the immune system
  • Natural flavour enhancers are added to improve palatability
  • Excellent value for money. Available in 7 kg and 25 kg bags


Crude Protein                                     20%

Moisture                                              10%

Crude Fat                                              8%

Crude Fibre                                           4.5%

Ash                                                         8%

Calcium                                                 1.5%

Phosphorus                                          1%

Linoleic acid                                         1.5%

Omega-6 to -3 Fatty acids ratio       5:10-1

Vitamin E                                              75 IU/kg

Glucosamine                                        200 mg/kg


Cereals, meat & animal derivatives (source of calcium, min 4% beef), derivatives of vegetable origin, fats & oils (source of omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids), palatability enhancer (source of meatier flavour), minerals, vitamins and approved antioxidants