Complete Snack-A-Chew Iced Dog Biscuits 1kg

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Snack-a-chew nutritious crunchy treats feature a coating which looks and tastes as good as chocolate but does not contain any ingredients which we know are harmful to dogs. Snack-a-chews are hand-made in South Africa with love and care before being topped with the decorations to keep your dog’s tail wagging.


Seasonal vegetables, Wheat and Whole wheat flour, Beef meat & bone meal, Bran, Plant fats, Non-Lauric, Non -Sucrose Coating, Vitamins & Minerals, Flavourants, Approved antioxidants.


Crude Fibre         3.5%

Vitamin A            6 000 IU/kg

B-complex          1.5 mg/kg

Vitamin C             50 mg/kg

Vitamin E             69 IU/kg

Magnesium        0.5 g/kg

Iron                        60 mg/kg

Zinc                        30 mg/kg

Selenium             0.5 mg/kg