Jock Grandeur Large Breed Junior 18kg

R815.00 inc. Vat


JOCK Grandeur Large Breed Junior is a scientifically formulated diet that caters for the nutritional requirements of large and giant breed dogs from the age of 8 months up until adulthood. JOCK Grandeur Large Breed Junior have been specially developed to meet the needs of large and giant breed puppies during the second phase of their development, in which muscle development occurs. JOCK Grandeur Junior therefore includes l-carnatine and an adapted feeding guideline to help maintain a lean body mass. Digestive health is of utmost importance in growing dogs. Grandeur Junior includes a blend of prebiotic fibres and encapsulated fatty acids to ensure a healthy intestinal environment. Key Features: Healthy Skin and Coat, Highly Palatable, Healthy Joints, Odour Control.