Kettle Roasted Chicken & Veggies Flavoured Big Bites 1kg

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Crunchy oven-baked jumbo biscuit treats in a range of mouth wateringly decadent flavours that mimic the traditional tastes and smells of a farmhouse kitchen.

Provided either in big or small treats available in 1Kg packs.

Wheat and whole wheat flour, Animal Derivatives, Plant fats, Green beans and Carrots, Vitamins and Minerals, approved antioxidants.


Protein 160g, Fat 100g, Fibre 30g, Moisture 100g, Calcium 15g, Phosphorous 8g, Iron 60mg, Vitamin A 6000iu, Vitamin C 50mg, B Complex 1.48mg, Vitamin E 69iu, Magnesium 0.5mg, Zinc 30mg, Selenium 0.5mg