Probono Supreme Dog Biscuits 650g

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These Supreme treats are made with chicken, turkey and duck which results in a biscuit which is just as yummy but with a lower fat content. They are baked hard enough to ensure a good gnawing action to promote healthy teeth and gums. The added teeth cleaning ingredients will also help combat tartar build up.

1 kg carton of biscuits for ALL Dogs.

No colourants and preservatives.


Wheat and whole wheat flour, Animal derivatives (min 4% chicken, turkey and duck), digestive bran, plant fats, sugar beet pulp, vitamins and minerals, teeth cleaning agent, and approved antioxidants.


Protein  180 g (min), Moisture 100 g (max), Fat 70 g (min), Fibre 35 g (min), Vitamin a 6000 iu, Vitamin b complex 1.48 mg, Vitamin c 50 mg, Vitamin e 69 iu, Calcium 15 g (max), Magnesium 0.5 g, Phosphorous 8 g (min), Zinc 30 mg, Iron 60 mg, Selenium 0.5 mg